Celebrated leader in the craft distilling industry, Chip Tate is the founder of Tate & Co. Distillery and Tate Craft Copperworks. He launched his career in distilling along with his first distillery in 2008, where he used his beer brewing experience in whisky-making. From welding and hammering his own copper stills to finding new whisky traditions, his work is internationally acclaimed by leading industry experts. Known for drawing concepts from centuries of distilling, he is continuously setting the bar high for distillers using his creativity and innovation. Chip’s innovation and vision for his spirits helped him win more than 150 national and international awards, some of which include Craft Whisky Distiller of the Year by Whisky Magazine for both 2012 and 2014, Whisky Magazine’s Icon award, and US Craft Distillery of the Year for 2012. Moving on in his journey, Chip expects to lead the craft distilling movement and empower locally made craft spirits.