In 2008 Chip Tate founded Balcones Distillery from an old workshop under a bridge in Waco Texas. From those humble beginnings Balcones went on to become one of the most successful Craft distilleries in the USA.

The work Chip did with Balcones changed the Craft Distillery Landscape in the U.S, and inspired many start ups around the world, including England’s White Peak Distillery @whitepeakdistillery

A man who has been labelled a ‘Bad Boy’ of Whisky by some media, and a ‘Booze Rebel’ by Playboy Magazine, Chip Tate’s story has had its ups and downs.

One thing is clear though, Chip Tate is a world class distiller with a passion for making the best Whisky possible.
He already has a highly successful distillery behind him, and now with new venture Tate and Co Distillery he is sure to do it all again.

I for one can’t wait to visit Waco, and share a dram with the Maverick of American Whisky!

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