“Tate & Co. Distillery is the next step in an already stellar career from a master distiller and really it’s what I find most interesting coming out of the breakup at Balcones. The initial focus will be on crafting a local brandy tradition – something Tate has expressed interest in exploring before. He was quick to reference all that we had discussed up to this point regarding locally sourced and experimentation of flavors as an exciting function of the brandy he will be producing.

This will all build into 2016 when Tate & Co. Distillery will be jumping back into doing similar styles of corn whiskey, malt whiskey and a few other things to look forward to. One thing that will became abundantly clear in the years to come: you can throw a lot of adversity at Chip Tate, but you can’t keep the man from doing what he does best.”

The Whiskey Wash